Medical Supply Chain Solutions

  • In response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic Anatomics has established Print3D Medical Supply Chain Solutions.
  • With 25 years of experience in advanced medical ISO13485:2016 quality manufacturing Anatomics is now assisting hospitals, medical staff and medical device companies to maintain the supply of urgently required medical devices.
  • Anatomics will endeavour to urgently design, manufacture and deliver medical devices that are in short supply to you.
  • Please follow the instructions below so that we can help you to continue to deliver urgent care to save lives.

Ordering Process

Submit Enquiry
Complete the enquiry form below with a brief description and the quantity of the required device
Additional information
Anatomics will require specifications of the device in the form of at least one of the below options:
  • A Photograph(s) of the device
  • A CT Scan of the device (Download CT protocol)
  • A CAD file(s) of the device
  • A link to a product catalogue with the device specification
  • A sample part(s)
Anatomics will urgently determine if and when we can manufacture & deliver the device and contact you via email or telephone
Billing & Delivery
If the manufacturing is feasible Anatomics will issue you an invoice and online payment instructions. Anatomics will deliver globally via express courier

Submit Enquiry

Thank you for your interest in AnatomicsRx Print3D Supply Chain Solutions to assist you in the fight against COVID-19. Please provide us with the information below so that Anatomics can best help you during this crisis. Please check your email for further instructions about uploading additional information.
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